How to Fight the Globalist Agenda (2030)

Published by Janet Neustedter on

The United Nations is at the forefront of a global movement (which includes other groups
such as the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, and the World Bank) to
create a centralized global system allowing for full-spectrum surveillance and control of the
population. Please attend our meeting to learn how the UN Agenda 2030 is being rolled out
right before our eyes IN OUR OWN COMMUNITY!
Our speaker, Peter Norquist, believes our best chance to resist this monolithic effort is to do
so at the local level, and he will speak on “How to Fight Global Control,” including such
issues as the “15-Minute City” and “Road Diets.”

Peter is one of the founding members of the Pima BOS Watchers, and has worked
tirelessly to attend and speak at meetings of the Board of Supervisors, City Council, and
TUSD Governing Board. He is currently a visiting scholar at the U of A, and is involved in
local groups fighting the agenda for global control.

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