Whereas, Ranked Choice Voting is complicated and confusing, and results in decreased
voter turn-out and voter suppression,
Whereas, Methods and Algorithms for conducting Ranked Choice Voting can be arbitrary
and inconsistent and can result in manipulation of outcomes,
Whereas, There is no way to audit or confirm election results when Ranked Choice Voting is
Whereas, Open (or non-partisan, or “jungle”) Primaries are being proposed as the first step
in instituting Ranked Choice Voting,
Now therefore, be it Resolved, That the Committee to Stop Ranked Choice Voting of the Pima County
Republican Women’s Club will work to oppose any implementation of Ranked Choice Voting
and Open Primaries.

The above resolution was passed by the PCRWC Committee to Stop Ranked Choice Voting on August 26,
Club President, Sherrylyn Young MD
Committee Chairman, Sarah Ramsey

January 25 Meeting Information

For our first meeting of 2024, we are excited to install the final two board members to complete the slate of Officers for the New Year!  Beth Ford, 2024 Treasurer, and Connie Taylor, 5th VP, of Ways & Means.  The additional slate includes:

Sarah Ramsey, President

Communication Dir/Secretary – J Lynn Kronk

1st VP Membership – Janet Neusterdter

2nd VP, Program and Awards – Amy Olsen

3rd VP, Campaigns & Elections – Cindy Coleman

4th VP, Hospitality – Wendy Reuter

This meeting will be a great kick-off to 2024! Be sure to join us at Coffee Exchange at 11:30 on the 25th, Thursday.