Save The Date April Meeting

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Join us for our April 27 meeting, 5:30 at the CoffeeXChange on Camino Seco, for an education of the John Birch Society. Lisa Von Gelden is presenting. Lisa was born in Boston, the cradle of liberty,and now lives in what she calls “The Saddle of Liberty”: Arizona. Lisa has been involved in learning and advocating for our founding values as espoused in the Declaration of Independence from an early age. At about 13 years old her father called her a “Bircher” without explanation. Nearly 40 years later she found and joined The John Birch Society – realizing that unlike the partisan two party structures, the John Birch Society best educates and has a plan for people to fight against the encroaching usurpation of our God-given rights.

We are excited to have her present to us! We meet at 5:30 for social and networking, meeting starts at 6PM. 

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