March 23rd PCRWC Meeting

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What is Rank Choice Voting??  A well funded liberal coalition wants to change the way we vote in Arizona.  To do this they need to change the Arizona Constitution.  They are proposing a Ballot Initiative to change our one person, one vote system to something called “Rank Choice Voting”.  Everywhere this system of voting has been tried it has been costly and confusing.  It requires voters to rank every candidate in a race in the order of preference when they vote their ballots.  It forces the voter to vote for candidates they would never vote for.  Voters’ ballots are tossed out if they don’t do it correctly.
Learn about Rank Choice Voting and the strategy to defeat it before it gets to the 2024 Ballot.  Sarah Ramsey, 2022 Election Integrity Director of Pima County Republican Party, and, Kelly Hazel, Precinct Committeeman and 2022 Election Board Judge will be our presenters.  For more information about RCV,
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